Cold Mountain Cafe

"every town should have A RESTAURANT like
the cold mountain cafe"



Located in Bethlehem, NH., in the heart of the White Mountains!
Providing a farm to table menu allows us the opportunity to celebrate farms and other small business in Northern New England. We offer inventive, internationally inspired cuisine and craft cocktails by friendly and informed staff.   Gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan friendly, there is something for everyone at Cold Mountain!
To our patrons, we give our thanks; to newcomers, welcome!
Located across the street from the historical Colonial Theatre.


In 1999 two families came together to open the Cold Mountain Café. The families had 3 children each and the Dads were ready to start a new adventure. The emphasis was and still is today, to bring good food to the table and create an atmosphere where everyone works together to create a wonderful dining experience.
The café ran for many years with all the children working from time to time with a cast of very hard working characters with the Dads leading the way. In 2012 one of the Dads passed away, The other Dad decided to do something new and all the children had grown up and started their own adventurers.
The café was then put on the market. One of the kids, Kate, returned home after years of travel abroad and finishing her schooling.  She felt so unsettled by the thought of someone else owning the café that she proposed to her Mom to not sell the café but rather buy the other Dad out and form a mother and daughter partnership.
Kate created a Kickstarter campaign and raised the funds to enable her to become an equal partner in the café. The community all came together with so much support, love and enthusiasm that a whole new energy emerged. Today the café has a full bar, an exciting menu, local art work, good partnerships with neighboring businesses and farms and a community of people who enjoy good food and good company.



(603) 869-2500


2015 Main Street
Rte 302
Bethlehem, NH 03574




closed SUNDAYS
(NOTE: Kitchen is closed between Lunch & Dinner from 3:00-5:00pm daily. Bar is open!)


we accept reservations for any size party. Please call between 11:00am - 9:00pm only. (603)869-2500


at the
Cold Mountain Cafe